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Frederiksborg castle

Frederiksborg Castle,
Hillerød, Denmark

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Frederiksborg Castle is located in the middle of Hillerød on three islands in the castle lake. The oldest parts of the castle were built in 1560 by King Frederik II and the castle is named after him.

The majority of the present castle was built between 1600-1620 by Frederik II's son, Christian IV in Dutch Renaissance style with sweeping gables, sandstone decorations and copper-covered roofs and spires. The castle burnt in 1859 but was rebuilt from 1860-84 with financial support from brewer J. C. Jacobsen and later by the Carlsberg Foundation.

The part of the castle with the two low round towers on the southernmost island beside the S-bridge that connects the first and middle islets were part of Frederik II's original Frederiksborg as were the small Bath House between The Enclosure and the small Deer Park.

The Danish Kings lived in Frederiksborg Castle for about a century and the absolute monarchs were crowned in the palace chapel from 1671. Since 1693, Christian IV's palace chapel has also served as the knight's chapel for the Order of the Elephant and the Knights of the Dannebrog and is also used as a parish church at the moment. The church also houses the old organ from 1610 built by Esajas Compenius.

Frederiksborg Palace chapel served as the beautiful backdrop for the wedding of Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra in November 1995.

The National History Museum has been housed in the castle since 1878. The museum was founded by brewer J. C. Jacobsen as a special department of the Carlsberg Foundation. As well as magnificent rooms and spaces like the palace chapel, the Rose, the Audience Chamber and the Great Hall, the museum contains the country's most important collection of portraits and historical paintings.

(Ref: The Palaces and Properties Agency)

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A unique series of castles and castle gardens are part of the cultural legacy of hundreds of years of monarchy in Denmark. Hamlet's Castle Kronborg, Christiansborg, home of the Danish parlament, and the royal residences Amalienborg and Fredensborg, as well as a number of other castles, gardens and historical administration buildings in inner Copenhagen all form part of the Danish national cultural heritage administered and maintained by the Palaces and Properties Agency under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Finance.

Most of the castles and gardens in Denmark are at least partially open to the public. Many of them also have their own museums which run regular history exhibitions, and every year both the castles and their gardens host hundreds of open cultural events such as exhibitions, plays, concerts, etc. Almost all the castle gardens also serve as communal recreational areas for the general public with free admission. All the various facilities are described on
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